Sunday, 17 July 2011

Strange Fruit Sunday Supplement

So last week I finally got with 2011 and created my blog, before really getting into Strange Fruit I should share a bit about me, you never know, some of it may be interesting!

My life.....  I was born in the quaint village of Maidstone, Kent back in 1970 and grew up in Chislehurst. All I can say is I came to London as soon as I was old enough, I am a city girl and need people not piece and quiet.  My favourite place in London is right outside The Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank; where else will you find a homeless teenager chatting to a city lawyer about the art exhibition they have both just been to?  For me the Southbank is the melting pot of London.

I love..... the smell of verbena, just a whiff of the the shower gel from L'Occitane and I'm happy.  I am also just a little bit obsessed with crackers and jam, I eat them every day.  If I had to pick just one flower - peonies would always be my flower of choice.

My home.....  Our home is best described as eclectic.  I am really proud that we refurbished the house ourselves, fitted the bright shiny blue kitchen and everything.  Now the house is a mix of modern furniture with the odd retro lamp flung in.  One of my favourites is a 1950's black panther lamp.  I covert a "Mad Men" style dining table, but we don't have a dining room so this a dilemma best solved with a retro coffee pot until I convince Cory to build a conservatory!

My inspiration..... All the Cut it Out cards start as a collage which I turn into digital images with a high resolution scanner.  I start with the vintage photograph and imagine what was going on with the people in it, the rest of the collage comes from there.  Sometimes people inspire a card design.  I used to work with a guy who always wore the best suits; he'd trawl charity shops. e-bay and auctions looking for a perfect vintage suit.  When I found a picture of some dashing young men in rather sharp suits I knew I had to use the image for a card.

This picture uses scraps of an old envelope, two vintage photographs brought in America, a piece of ribbon from a birthday present and some images cut from an old magazine.  The bunting is all cut from the pages of Stylist magazine!

So, my first Strange Fruit Sunday is out, hope you come back next week when I'll be getting down to business.  

'Till then, Denise.

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