Monday, 29 August 2011

Trade Show nerves!!

This week the lovely BelleNoirBride posted a feature about Strange Fruit cards on her blog!  

 Thanks Nicola, the write up is wonderful and it is so nice when someone just 'gets it'!  

"Whilst browsing through Twitterville I came across Strange Fruit and their beautiful and unique greeting cards."

"Husband and wife team Denise and Cory have together created a greeting card publisher which offers cute and quirky cards  which ‘reflect Great Britain’s colourful population’.
After feeling disappointed at not receiving any multicultural cards for their wedding nuptials, almost overnight the idea for Strange Fruit and this lovely set of greeting cards was born!"  The full feature is here.  Having other people's feedback on the cards has been brilliant this week as I a having a bit of a panic over preparation for the trade show (Top Drawer) which is fast approaching.  I've got less than two weeks and about two months worth of work to squish in.  I am reading everything I can about trade shows and all I can do is get what my head down and crack on with the to do list which is now and on an A3 piece of paper!  

Strange Fruit will be the only diverse greeting card publishing company exhibiting at the show and I feel an overwhelming responsibility to show that my business is professional and the greeting cards I produce are both lovely and of the highest quality and rightly deserve a place on the shelves of the best stores.

But before then if anyone has any advice for surviving your first trade show, I'd love to hear it!!

Denise xx

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  1. I know the trade show will go well - will be thinking of you!