Friday, 14 October 2011

Will flickr change my life?

The days are getting shorter and my to do list just grows longer - it never seems to get any shorter, not ever! But today I have managed a big tick and set up a flickr photo stream.  Not a huge thing but I really needed a quick way of people being able to access high resolution images. 

There are two key reason's why this has been nagging me for ages:-

1)  When I am at the day job I can't access my home computer nor the images on it and making people wait for photographs when they have expressed an interest is just wrong and unprofessional.  Just because Strange Fruit is a start up business is no reason to expect people to wait on me!

2)  Sending big files is a pain, for me to send and for the recipient to receive - how many times has a PR sent me images that I can't open - yep too many.  So I was really conscious of not doing the same thing I don't like PR companies doing to me at the day job. 

So some of the the photo's I took this week with my new pop up light box (which is fab) have been posted and the link put in the press release I have just sent out.  We will see if flickr makes my print ready photo sharing easier.  Of course my to do list is longer as I now have lots of images to re shoot, photoshop and post, but I have made a start and that's what counts.

Will flickr will change my life? I'm don't think so, but I do do hope it will make it much easier!

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