Sunday, 27 November 2011

My Christmas wish list......

So assuming Santa is real and we even had a chimney what would be waiting for me in stylishly wrapped boxes this Christmas?  We can all dream can't we! 

This would be my top ten! 

1.  A wide format printer!  Yes really.  Printing gift wrap is an expensive process with no low minimums, but I really want to try out some designs - my own wide format printer would mean I could print my own.  Oh I would need a conservatory to put it in obviously!

    2.  An hour mentoring from either Rosie Wolfenden or Harriet Vine - these girls are my business crushes!  I love how they have built Tatty Devine into a global business but are still very much a part of their local community; they are so engaged with their customers and supporters that they are a force to be taken very very seriously. 

    3.  A cleaner - yep - there is no time in the day to clean and I think the whole family would be whole lot happier if we had someone to dust those corners. 

    4.  An extra hour in the day - do I need to explain? 

    5.  Seeing as this is a fantasy list I'll add the ipad - fully loaded with all the apps I need to work with and to turn my short stories into ebooks to share with anyone that wanted to read them. 

    6.  No Christmas gift list  would be complete without a pair of fabulous shoes - did I mention I sold my Jimmy Choo's to pay for my first print run.  But these Gucci's are rather lush don't you think? 

    7.  Homelessness to be irradiated overnight with the re-use of empty buildings. How can we be in a recession, have thousands of empty office blocks across the country, and still have people sleeping on our streets? 

    8.  A decent set of saucepans!  My Habitat saucepans lasted over ten years.  My Tefal ones are less than a year old and well they are battered - so not impressed every time I pick one up I worry a handle will fall off. The sales offer the solution I think!!

    9.  A set of vintage drinking glasses - well I don't have any??

    10.  Everything to be as it should be.  There is nothing I need that I don't have and I am fortunate to be able to work towards those things that I would like to have but don't need.  In the meantime I have donated to Shelter, if you have everything you need to be warm in your own bed tonight I hope you will donate too. 

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    1. Got an email saying "Great post make me chuckle in parts! I may be able to help with one of your wishes, won't say more for now" !!?? Hmmmmmmm