Saturday, 14 July 2012

Has The Voice paid the ultimate price by not engaging with mainstream stakeholders?

I have just been reading The Voice Newspaper has not been given accreditation to attend the media hubs based at the 2012 Olympic Games, like most people I was initially a bit shocked by this. Then I tried to figure out why. 

When I worked at a government department involved with the media around the Olympics we were all asked to supply names of key media and journalists to cover the games, we all did. The Voice was not on my list because after 10 years of working in government communications The Voice is yet to cover one of my mainstream campaigns and very rarely do they engage with a subject matter that affects everyone and not just people of colour. 

Could this lack of working with mainstream stakeholders be what is behind the unfortunate situation the paper is now in? With my day job hat on I never even thought of putting The Voice on my recommends list because they have removed themselves from the mainstream party.

I have contacts at every key national and regional paper in the country and none at The Voice.  And I am one of the few government communicators that cares about diversity and representation.

I hope The Voice win the appeal and I hope we all learn from this lesson; mainstream may not be your thing but it holds the keys to the door and you can't change anything from the outside.

And yes, today (18 July) The Voice now has it's access to cover The Games, I just hope the access does not detract from the bigger picture.
(20 July) And even better thanks to this posting and the online discussions I've had I have been approached by the paper, we'll set up a meeting - after The Games of course - and we'll work on making sure issues like education and access and achievement get to the right people and when suitable into the paper.