Thursday, 10 January 2013

42 US stockists and counting

This week I got a sales report from my US sales agent, when I counted up the list of stores I nearly fell over, I have 42 stockists.  I actually did have to sit down when I read the list in full and saw that my cards are stocked in the Schomburg Center in Harlem, part of the New York Public Library!  

I love the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, my husband took me here in the early days of our courting and I was blown away by the art collections, the miles and miles of photographs documenting black life and the pure creativity busting out of every corner.  

Maybe this is where it all started for me, I now collect the vintage photos that feature in Strange Fruit cards.

My celebrations did not stop there, checking out the list of outlets I was I delighted to see that like in the UK many of the stockists were independent, stylish stores, bookshops, vintage stores and museums, and to spoil me the  stores are so pretty.  I am really feeling a trip to the States to see the cards in the shops for myself.

The Hillwood Estate Museum in Washington looks fantastic, the gardens are amazing.  If our trip to Washington happens this year, this is one of our first stops!

Paper Patisserie in the historic neighborhood of Cathedral Hill, St Paul, Minnesota looks like a great place to hang out and buy stationery, they sell hand made truffles too!

Quail Ridge Books is a serious independent, err bookshop, in Raleigh, North Carolina, that appears to run some great events with so many great authors. This is most defiantly a place where Carrie Bradshaw would have done a reading on her book tour!

I am truly delighted with the number of stores Strange Fruit cards are in across the USA, I am hoping that if people see the cards they will send me a sneaky picture.  

The hard work must of course continue, after all the rest of the world is yet to welcome Strange Fruit to their shores.

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