Friday, 25 January 2013

Every woman needs a ‘well-oiled‘ wardrobe

I am one of those people who has a wardrobe full of clothes but never has anything to wear, so I when I met Samantha Clark at an Inspirational You event I was hooked on what she had to say about finding the right clothes for me.  I know there are more than a few ladies sharing my 'I have nothing to wear' cry so I asked Samantha a few questions .... 

So Samantha, what’s the secret to success?

I believe that success begins in your wardrobe. This is where the magic either happens or it doesn't in terms of you picking the right clothes to make you feel super confident.  Zukuri UnLtd is all about helping female entrepreneurs, just like you, to 'walk the walk' and build up their power of presence for success. It’s all about getting ‘visible’ to stand up and be counted.

Every woman needs to master a ‘well-oiled‘ wardrobe that sets you up for success. As women we can play a multitude of roles and whilst multi-tasking is a skill we’ve all mastered, sometimes our wardrobes can lag behind. We then fall into the trap of throwing a few things together hoping it will work through sheer tiredness and frustration.

Here are two tips taken from my new DIY Wardrobe Success guide to sell yourself with pride and have a happier relationship with your wardrobe.

divide and conquer ......

Divide up and organise your wardrobe to conquer the ‘I have nothing to wear’ syndrome. Separate your wardrobe into zones. 

1.     Pleasure - Weekday
2.     Pleasure  - Weekend
3.     Business Casual - working from home, casual meetings
4.     Business Dressy - networking, client presentations, workshops
5.     Dates/Nights out/Special events’

These are my zones, you can rename yours to suit. Then I create what is my USP zone (unique selling point items) - these are items that reflect your personality and unique style to give the WOW factor across the combinations.

grab and go......

So I have 5 core outfit zones and a USP area. Now for each section I create what I call ‘grab and go‘ outfits - these are outfits that literally allow you to just grab, put on and go. No flapping about required.

I am a dress queen; so majority of the time I’m just dressing one solid dress from a particular zone and just playing around with shoes or jewellery from my USPs. But you may like your separates so experiment with your own clothing combinations.

By creating key ‘grab and go’ looks you will always give off that air of togetherness and be a magnet for success. Look at your life and organise key outfits to minimise the stress and maximise your confidence.

So I taking Samantha advice I am building my zones, taking inspiration from other women; I have a thing for Tracee Ellis Ross, we're similar in lots of ways, apart for the famous Mum and celebrity life style and am working on my clothing USP - wish me luck, I have only cleared out enough clothes to fill one charity shop bound bag!

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Samantha Clarke is the Chief Creative Architect at Zukuri UnLtd helping female entrepreneurs get ‘visible’ in their business. Stop shying away behind your clothes; get out there and show clients what you are made of! By helping clients know their style, cut the clutter from their wardrobes and shop smarter; she gives ladies the power to make their personal brand and style shine.

With the DIY Wardrobe Success guide you will learn how to create your unique style, a well oiled wardrobe that is streamlined and how to create all the ‘grab and go’ outfits you need to get ready with ease. And quite possibly save yourself some money too!

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