Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Pinning it in 2013 - for me

I have decided that this year, 2013, I am going to do more for me!  

That could sound quite selfish, but those who know me know that I do loads for others and leave myself no time for fun or down time, so this year I am going to do more for me and the get me started I have created a Pinterest board to keep me motivated and inspired to make time to do the things I enjoy, just for me.

On my board is a red white and blue party, perfect for my birthday on 4th July!

A mustard skirt, I am determined not to wear so much black!


A gorgeous Kate Spade watch - I have wanted a new watch for ages but haven't made the time to go and actually choose and buy one!

And proper shoe storage!  Seriously, when we move, which I hope will be very soon, fingers are crossed that everything goes through smoothly, I need good shoe storage.  

So here is to me, in 2013, making time for me as well as everyone and everything else.


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