Sunday, 21 April 2013

Today I am loving Elemental Herbology

If we have met you will know I am not into trying out different beauty brands and lotions, I kind of stick with what I like and what works and if I can't afford what I like I will just do without. I am too old to be buying products that sit in the bathroom cupboard unused and unloved until the teen finds them.  

So trying Elemental Herbology's cell food serum was a bit of a risk for me. At £42.00 it was a lot of money to 'see how we got on'.  

Lucky for me this little bottle of "high performing, bio-active plant oils" is like a magic spot vanishing potion. I have tried living without it for six months but this week I cracked, I figured if I am going to work 14 hour days I need something for me because at 42 I am just too old to be worrying about spots and having more breakouts than Justin Bieber.

I felt guilty spending over £100 on cream for my spots; I know it would be better to drink more water, eat better and possibly not get spots in the first place.  

There is also the reality that we really will need some new bath towels when the bathroom is fitted in two weeks time (joy) but this tiny bottle, that is now hidden from the teen, makes me happy and that is why today I am loving Elemental Herbology and not having any spots. 

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  1. Not get spots in the first place - ha if only they could be kept away by will! If it's worked then don't think the tag is too high as long as nobody is starving to feed a skincare habit. Keep reading good things about Elemental Herbology - just got a trial kit which i'm looking forward to trying.