Monday, 15 April 2013

Woodchip is my Nemesis

We have moved, if you follow me on twitter you will know this.  

Our new home is the upper part of a Victorian House in Clapton.  We wanted to move for ages but everything we looked at needed too much work or was out of our price range, we also needed somewhere to put Strange Fruit. Having a living room full of boxes of envelopes is not conducive to family life - trust me.

When we first viewed the house I knew I wanted it and once the husband - who like new builds - saw the self contained basement - he wanted it too. The house, like most Victorian houses is very wonky, probably because of the bomb damage more than its age.

Of course, if our house had been well decorated it would have been snapped up ages ago but as fate would have it the miles and miles of woodchip put most people off. That woodchip is now my Nemesis.

The house after the bomb damage and before we moved in!

The move, like all moves was stressful, British Gas delivered to most appalling service, I feel for anyone who cannot have their pre-pay gas meters changed. The furniture doesn't all fit in the house(lets not talk about that) and the dirt was immense - I have actually thought about sending the previous occupants bottles of bleach. But now we have reached the bit I really don't like, the pre-decorating preparation
The quote of £4.2k was a little out my my price range for having the hallway decorated so when I recovered from the shock and got my jaw off the floor I brought a wallpaper steamer. Turns out the teen is uber good at stripping walls and did everything she could reach, I now must owe her at least £2k! We have decided not to even try to make do with the bathroom, there are some things a coat of paint just can't cover, the installation thankfully starts in a few more weeks. The kitchen is horrible but can be lived with until we have decorated the rest of the house, a coat of white paint will make a huge difference in here. So after the bathroom is done, we'll finish the small bedroom which will be used as storage for the new suite etc and hopefully by the time the bathroom is done the hallway will be ready for decorating - that's the plan anyway if I stop looking at interiors magazines!
I have created a Pinterest board to capture the inside of my head. 

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