Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I'm back

The whole builders thing has been more than annoying and I blame them for making me lose my blogging mojo and some sanity! I am still blaming them for everything else so it is only fair. But I've had a holiday, some proper rest and life seems to have settled down to a manageable pace. 

While I was away I got some well needed head-space and distance from everything; work, kids, business, house, vintage cars, writing and actually read a book. It was wonderful and I feel like 'me' is back. This whole juggling everything isn't easy is it? 

My resolve is to make sure we get enough time away from everything more often even if its a day trip to the seaside. We went to Margate recently, it was fab and as well as having a 'head rest' I got lots of new ideas, double bonus!

Margate memories - we had a lovely day out

Blogging resumes .....