Friday, 30 August 2013

Black is the new Zara

I don't buy much in Zara because mostly their clothes don't fit me - the arms are always to darn small - but I like to pop in and see why the young kids are wearing and maybe pick up a tee-shirt or two. So this week I went for a little look-see and saw a tee with a vintage style photo on it modeled by a black women. 

I did a double take! 

Tee-shirt, £15.99, available in small and medium from Zara.
Here in one of the busiest clothes shops in the world was a humble tee-shirt for the masses with a black image on it. For me there isn't enough visual representation in our modern society - that is why I started Strange Fruit after all, however I have felt for a long time that cultural diversity is slowly becoming mainstream and seeing this tee-shirt, that had a really cool picture on it, with a model that just happened to be black, truly warmed my heart. 

I brought it of course. 

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