Thursday, 29 August 2013


You have £100 (convert to Euro's and Dollars as needed) to spend on yourself. Not the kids, the car, bills, your home or food or any other of those essential items that always have to come first. You have £100 to spend on yourself - what do you buy? #daydream100

Mine spends are easy. A manicure - cannot pass up the opportunity for a manicure now can I? £15.00 (I'll bring my own Chanel nail polish).

Image kindly supplied by the lovely Crystal who has a great beauty blog
A bottle of fizz - Echo Falls sparkling wine is £6.00 (in Asda) at the moment, I would invite a friend to sit in the park, enjoy the last of the summer sunshine and watch the world go by.

And lastly, I have totally fallen in love with a purple Biba clutch bag. Currently on sale at £79.00 (I am waiting for it to reduce a bit further), this could be my Christmas present to myself.

That's my #daydream100 - what's yours?

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  1. Love purple and love Biba so loving that bag! I'm with you on the mani (£10), then a Tom Ford lipstick (£36), Fortnum & Mason picnic hamper for 2 (£25), rose bottle (£8) head to park then rest on Addison Lee home!