Friday, 6 September 2013

A little planning for a trip to Paris

I am excited. I am planning a little shopping trip to Paris with a lovely friend. I haven't had a trip away with a friend since life before Cory (B.C) so more than six years and I cannot wait for a totally Mummy free weekend. The planning is proving to be equally exciting as I am sure the trip itself will be.  November is looking really good for this little Strange Fruit.

I have been looking at hotels, checking maps for flea markets and thinking about the ultimate travel mac and I may even go as far as buying a granny shopper! I must remember to buy one of those cute little pop up maps.

I have been following the Paris related tweets of Natasha Semmence (@ishootandtravel) and her lovely pictures - this girl loves street art - are partly responsible for my wander-lust. I was really grateful when Natasha sent me Marjorie William's guide to flea market shopping in Paris and some links to some gorgeous hotels. 

My favorite hotel has to be Hotel Joyce - I think I need to copy these starburst clocks and how cute is this bedroom?

Hope my O'level French gets me by and oh, did I mention I am so excited?

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