Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A very vintage shopping list

I know if I go to Judy's Vintage Furniture Flea at York Hall without a plan I will buy way more than a) I can afford and b) have room for so I have spent time thinking about what I really really want. I have surprised myself with a very short shopping list.

Firstly, I would really like to find a wall light. The florescent overhead light we currently have is 100% horrible but as the kitchen is not getting refitted until next year we have to live with it. I am quite sure nicer lighting would make a huge difference, especially as the nights close in and the lights are on more. 

I am liking the idea of adding a neon cord like these one's I've pinned.


Secondly I would like a Sunburst, or other convex and gold mirror. The husband doesn't know it, but I am thinking gold and white for our bedroom. Once we have built the wardrobes and the en-suite the room will be even smaller so we will definitely need mirrors to bounce the light around.

I am hoping our bedroom will look like this eventually.

I am meeting a luscious friend on Sunday, I am tasked with bringing coffee and croissants - we'll see if I can be that organised!

A little shopping update - no convex mirror but I did get the lights - will rewire those soon and pop them off to an electrician for a PAT test.

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