Friday, 6 September 2013

Buy cheap by twice

My Granny always used to tell me "buy cheap, buy twice" - as usual she's right.

Remember this little school chair? It has been sitting in the basement waiting to be used and now the Boy's room is decorated I decided to paint it.  The chair isn't in great condition and I only paid .99p for it so I figured it would fit the style of the room better black and I wouldn't be ruining a classic. 

Not wanting to spend £20.00 on a whole tin of paint I opted for a tin of all purpose paint, with a gloss finish for £6.00 from the local DIY store.  Said chair was sanded and primed - all good so far. I then, one night last week before bed I did a coat of black paint and left the chair to dry. In the morning all I can say is the chair looked like the equivalent of a cheap, shiny, plastic mac. Put some earrings on it and Pat Butcher would have loved it. 

It looked so horrible I could have cried. Obviously, crying over a chair would have been really silly so I ordered some Autentico furniture paint instead. I used this chalk paint for the bathroom cabinet and it's gorgeous and best of all you don't need to sand the furniture before using. I have a little glass cocktail cabinet in the basement waiting for a make over - I'll use the left over paint on that. 

I knew this cheap paint would be a disaster but I wanted the job done. Note to self - cutting corners never pays - the Autentico paint cost £22.00 including P&P but it is worth every penny isn't it?

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