Monday, 30 September 2013

I have realised I am a smelly person

I have realised I am a smelly person. No I don't stink, I love nice smells. Lately I have noticed how much my emotions are driven by smells; when I am stressed out there is nothing like my favorite aromas to bring me back to my happy place. I don't know, maybe it's an age thing?

When I first smelt L'Occitane's citrus verbena shower gel a few years ago I was immediately reminded of childhood - I can't remember where I know the scent from but it's somewhere in my unconscious memory. I clearly remember the shape of the leaves from the verbena plant and rubbing them together to get the smell on my fingers. This is one plant that I must have on the fire-escape garden.

This is one plant that I must have on the fire-escape garden
The Australians have hit gold with Aeseop, my latest smell crush. Carrying round the Ressurrection Aromatique Hand wash is taking things a bit far but the hand balm is enough to feed my addiction for now. Ex hairdresser Dennis Paphitis stopped cutting hair in 1996 and the rest is a lovely smelling history. Dee Zeen Magazine has a great interview with the founder, and if you take a look at the interview you will see from the pictures that the Aeseop shops are totally lush.

How lovely would it be to have this stash in the bathroom cupboard

Can you even imagine how good mandarin rind, rosemary leaf and cedarwood atlas smells?

My craving for room sprays, candles, hand creams and shower gels is working out much cheaper than my old shoe addiction; which is just as well given how much work we have to do in the house!  When it comes to shower gels in this house there are family ones and there are Mummy's ones - the one's no one is allowed to use. Selfish I know but the boys just need to not smell horrible, they don't need to smell of fig, sandalwood or rosemary!

My 'room' should be ready for me to move furniture into this weekend - thank goodness, so as well as making a giant inspiration board - I am going to celebrate with a new room spray!

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