Saturday, 26 October 2013

Planning a make do and mend living room make over

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Our living room is horrible. There is no getting away from it, magnolia woodchip and grubby cinnamon alcoves. Not our taste at all, but we have to save up lots and lots of pennies to get the ceiling replaced, the walls skimmed, after we have stripped them, and to have a fire place fitted. So after some niffy calculations we have decided we are broke and the rest of the house is more pressing.  So our living room will be done last - which means a make do and mend make-over in the interim using with furniture we already have or can buy really really cheaply.

This is another living room in our street (via Rightmove), if only our walls and ceiling were this smooth. But the rooms, as you can see are super bright which makes me really happy. The sun streams into our living room and its one of the many things I love about our home. 

This leaping zebra wallpaper from Scalamandre is my (sorry our) inspiration for the living room, a palette of black, white, brown and gold.  Some cushions in this print would be awesome.

We are stuck with our sofa, when the room is done properly we will have it recovered, but for now a brown leather corner suite a bit like this one is what we have.

There will be gallons of white paint and I can't decide if the chimney and the alcoves should be painted black or just chimney breast. 

The tv will be stuck up and I hoping to find fire place to lean up against the wall. With some fairy lights in a heap on the floor the focal point of the room won't be a massive television. We're keeping the brown roman blinds, they work, they fit and they match the sofa.

The rest of my (our) ideas are gathered on a Pinerest board - I am sure Pinterest has saved lots of couples from many many arguments, it has us. Now instead of piles of magazines I can just leave the husband to flick through online pages and show him how what's in my head would look in the house.

With some careful precision planning the aim is to have to make over done by December so we can finally relax, I just need to find a sideboard, paint the armoire we just brought via eBay (black of course) and paint all those walls.

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