Sunday, 20 October 2013

The week that was!

This blog is called Life Behind Strange Fruit, so I thought I would share what has happened this week, which has been a total monster! 

Monday brought the first day of the Technology Innovators Forum, a two day conference at Broadcasting House. I have been working on this event for the past three weeks and there have been lots and lots of late nights. The outcome was perfect. The speakers including some flown in from LA all arrived on time, the delegates were excited and the talks I managed to sit in on were inspiring. Howard Stringer, ex CEO of Sony was my favourite speaker of the event. 'Ex' anythings always tell the truth, they have nothing to hide - the videos will be up soon. 

The day event was followed by a Reception. The number of people it took to turn the National Portrait Gallery into a venue suitable for canap├ęs and speeches was impressive - we had a thirty minute window! But we did it and after the speeches, which I missed as I was dealing with something or another, our favourite X-Factor judge sang us a few tunes. It was like a gig in a living room. Then, long after the guests had gone we tidied up and fell into an entourage of cabs.

Gary Barlow sings in a crowded room

On Tuesday, after finishing up at the BBC I went to into the office to collapse on my desk for a bit while I got the energy together to go and listen to Gary Younge read from his new book. How pleased am I that I went. I have long admired Gary's work and as he lives in Chicago you know - we don't see him to often. And I finally got to meet Hannah Pool, in the real world and off Twitter, that was brilliant too.
Wednesday I took the day off the job to a) recover b) make sure I picked the kid up from school and take him to the library - we have a monthly library date and c) get my cards together for Ladies Day at Stratford Old Town Hall on Saturday. I haven't done this event before but I figured it was local and the chance to try out some new illustrated flat notes and invitations would be a good thing. 

Thursday and Friday are a blur of the day job, rubbish transport links, cellophane wrappers and washing my hair. Thursday was also our wedding anniversary, to celebrate, I didn't take any work home with me.

Saturday, Ladies Day was so much fun.  The 2Inspire Network did a great job organising the day, we traders even got a refreshment pack - how thoughtful was that. Organisers of bigger markets take note, being valued as a customer makes a trader want to come back. I am looking forward to getting my own ankara fabric necklace from Afrinze - the pink one is so pretty. What a day of sisterhood and it was great to met so many people I have chatted to online and I was able to test out new products. For me markets are the best way of getting instant feedback, customers will tell you exactly what they think of a product in a way friends and family won't. Top tip, always take a couple of your press packs with you - you never know if you'll need them - I gave out two on Saturday which was unexpected but of course welcome.

Sunday has been a pyjama day, I finally managed to watch last weeks Downton Abbey, clear emails and relax, I even watched The Lorax with the kid. Next week won't be as busy but it will be equally exciting I'm sure.

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