Sunday, 10 November 2013

Nine things to end the year on a high.

With just nine weeks of this year left I figured I needed a little plan to make sure I end the year on a high. The dark evenings and not feeling so great lately is making it quite difficult to motivate myself to do anything much. Then of course I feel bad that I haven’t done anything on my list of things to do, oh the vicious circle of a constant ‘doer’.

We have of course moved home this year, a big thing for the Rawls family and for Strange Fruit and we’ve had a holiday – the first overseas holiday for us all in over three years, there are just always more important things aren't there? But our holiday was lovely and oh my, how much am I missing that sunshine right now.  However back to my plan!  Nine things that will make me feel great at the end of the year. Not convinced about my motivation yet - but a girl needs a plan! 

1.  Unpack a box a week – we still have so many boxes.
2.  Loose 9lbs – my scales are in a box somewhere so off to Boots I must go for a weigh in.
3.  Go to bed by midnight – I think this will be the hardest thing on my list for me to do!
4.  Get or make an African print skirt. 


5.  Design a new greeting card a week – a great way to end the year for Strange Fruit.
6.  Finish the living room make do and mend makeover – let’s just say progress is slow!


7.  Go for a 30 minute walk every day. See goal two!
8.  Print and frame one picture or trinket a week. How cute are brooches in frames? 
9.  Make some time for cooking. I have so many recipes saved but never made.

With the aim of getting to bed by midnight all images are via Pinterest today. 
Wish me luck – am most definitely going to need it!

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