Saturday, 23 November 2013

Sometimes I just don't want square pictures

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I love Instagram, but sometimes I just don't want square pictures. 

I have always enjoyed taking pictures but carrying around a full sized slr camera is not always an option, especially going to and from the day job and when I'm out with the small boy, but you never know what you might just see do you! For me the main appeal of getting a smart phone was having a great camera in my bag, but not being able to get more than pictures destined for social media networks out of my phone has been a bit frustrating. 

I want to to able to take pictures good enough to print and frame.  

Early contradiction though - I still love the Star War pictures we took back in the Summer!

In a bid to get better quality pictures out of my phone I've been trying out different photo editing apps over the past few months and Photoshop Express has definitely been the best one to quickly polish up my pictures. I have a full blown version of Photoshop in my studio but you know sometimes you just want to have a little simplicity in your life. On the train on my way to and from the day job, if I'm not reading or daydreaming I tend to edit my photographs, so this app, which can be used on android and iphones, is perfect. 

You'll know I've made a deal with myself to frame more pictures and I am really enjoying popping into my super friendly Snappy Snaps and printing images out. I know Snappy Snaps isn't the cheapest place to print pictures but the team in the Victoria branch are so nice that I look forward to saying hi and catching up with them.

Last week on a little walk about, me and the boy went to buy him new jeans and have a sneaky hot chocolate together, I took this picture of him. It's OK but nothing special photographically but it was a special moment that deserved capturing.

Using the exposure filter and the black and white option the picture looks much sharper. And the high chair in the back of the picture is pretty much blended out.

This is my favourite one though. I used another filter which gives nice mocha tones.

Photoshop Express is super easy to use and the free version gives pretty much everything you need to smarten up camera phone pictures. You just click through the changes and you always have the option of going back to your original image. When your done you just save your edited image to your camera roll. Easy as pie. 

I know I am really late finding this app, and I hang my head in shame, but I bet I am not the only one, so for those who like me are not 'early adopters' enjoy!

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