Sunday, 29 December 2013

Dream kitchens and Universal magic

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I hope everyone has had a merry Christmas time. I have eaten too much and really enjoyed spending time with the husband dreaming up our new kitchen. 

We are still a few months away from actually doing our kitchen remodel, there is so much to do before then, like fixing the bowed floor and removing the totally gross ceiling, but dreaming is good (and a necessity). We are having the roof fixed soon, and will probably decorate our bedroom before even starting the kitchen, so dreaming is about all we can afford to do at the moment. But it is surprising what dreaming can do! 

Industrial chic

Before we got started on thinking about the kitchen we were planning our little entrance hall and thought how lovely it would be with parquet flooring, and by some Universal magic, we were given enough parquet floor to do our entrance hall AND our kitchen. That was a game changer and when the kitchen dreaming really began. We had already been thinking about a black kitchen cabinets with an industrial look and by the power of Pinterest we have created our kitchen wish list which features black kitchen cabinets, a butlers sink, traditional kitchen taps, I would love to find some antique brass ones, and of course a polished parquet floor. 

Dream kitchen, parquet floor, black cabinets.

Every Victorian house needs a butlers sink

A brass mixer tap would be lush

A parquet floor works in the kitchen 

Given the Universe sent us some beautiful flooring we are going to push our luck and will (really hard) a salvaged kitchen into our lives and our home. We fitted the kitchen in our last house and given that our bathroom build was a nightmare, that we have only recently got over, I am quite sure we will be fitting our new kitchen ourselves. We have seen some great re-fitted kitchens on Pinterest and are totally inspired by what a some re-working can do. 

I am slightly scared  that we have to live in our house while the roof is fixed and that we have to clean the bitumen off about a 1000 wooden blocks before we can even get started on the kitchen. Not sure this is the most glamorous way to begin 2014, but as everyone always says it will be worth it in the end, and in the meantime, thank goodness I have yoga and Pinterest.

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