Tuesday, 10 December 2013

He's back ... the black Santa

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For the second year running, our black Santa is still our best selling Christmas card! Not that I am surprised. What started out as a bit of fun has taken on a life of its own. I drew this on the Mac with the boy, we were just playing around. I shared the picture on Twitter and what do you know - loads of people wanted to buy him on a Christmas card. 

Of course the answer to all those potential customers was "yes of course you can" but turning a print run around a couple of weeks before Christmas was a challenge. But one I did and 500 black Santa's made their way out into a Christmas Wonderland.  This year the requests for this card kept coming. I am really fortunate that Strange Fruit customers are a loyal and super organised bunch and helpfully pre-ordered their cards. I can't tell you how helpful this was to me as a micro business; planning is a dream when you have a good idea of how much stock you need.

I do of course have other cards, in the Strange Fruit style, this is my favorite - she is just such a cutie!

So where can I see these cards for myself? 
Well If you are around N16 the weekend of 14 and 15 December I will be selling the cards are a few other festive treats at the brilliant Stoke Newington Town Hall Christmas market. This is a great market, loads for everyone and all reasonably priced. I did one day at this market last year, the fact I am going back for the whole weekend is testament to how much fun it is. It is even going to be a bit of a family affair as Betty Knits (the step mother who smashed the mould and turned out better than the real thing and her sister) will also be there with their vintage inspired accessories made from old patterns, plus a few new patterns that capture the spirit of the forties, fifties and sixties. Trust me - these women are vintage loving queens!

The festive pace is stepping up, and I have learnt now not to over do it at Christmas, it is after-all family time.  That is also why I only do one market at this time of year and load up the online shop a little later than maybe a business guru would like. But that's me - never sticking to the rules!

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