Sunday, 26 January 2014

All I want is a magazine to read where everyone in it is not white

It is January 2014 and I am bored of magazines already. I mean really, really, when will our diverse society be represented in women's magazine? I am so bored of it all that I have no words to explain how sad these front covers make me feel.

I like reading magazines, when it is freezing cold outside nothing is cosier than a good mag, a cuppa and a duvet.  Regrettably it seems I should not be afforded that luxury as there are only a few mainstream magazines that can be bothered to reflect the diversity Great Britain on their glossy pages, which means I cannot buy the magazines. Why would I support a publishing house that doesn't value me? If Stylist magazine started charging I would buy it - since their all white pages were brought to their attention they went back to their contact books and asked advertisers and photographers to add some colour to the magazine. I have no idea why other magazines can't manage to do the same thing, its really not that complicated.

I know there are a range of magazines targeted at black women in the UK, but I don't like them, and I don't want the magazines I read to be segregated, I assume I don't need to explain why.  All I want is a sodding magazine to read where everyone in it is not white. How in 2014 is this still too much to expect? 

My current stress has reminded me how upset I was when I was planning our wedding. Bridal magazines are the worst, I brought mine in New York. Apparently black people don't get married in the UK.

You would think the entire magazine industry would be engaging everyone with any money to actually buy a magazine or two. It appears not so I am off to bang my head against a wall and buy some American magazine subscriptions. 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

We've got droopy floorboards

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The surveyor came today and the good news is that our house has settled and our bowed floors are because of age and not structural damage. This means we will be getting all the dodgy droppy floors levelled in the next few weeks and I am so happy - with flat floors we can finally get on with decorating rather than me OD'ing on Pinterest.

I took up a floorboard and removed the skirting without so much as chipping a nail.

The downside of course is that again the house will be resembling a building site - but one with lovely flat floors. Two bedrooms, my work room and the kitchen will be uprooted and put back together, we have to work out how to live around the work, but at least we have a usable bathroom! I do feel a tiny bit overwhelmed now, there are so many decisions to made in the next few weeks including deciding on the kitchen. We want a black kitchen but we have to fix the roof and a white kitchen is just plain old cheaper. So do we get a black kitchen or a white kitchen, I'm mixed race, I can't make choices like that. Heart v head is not easy! 

The bedroom is easy, white and grey and with walk a super big wardrobe under the eaves. And if we get bored and want more colour all we have to do is paint the walls or buy brighter bed linen! 

This house renovation lark is super stressful!

This would work for our bedroom
A white vintage lamp like is ready and waiting

Saturday, 11 January 2014

My hair and other split end stories

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The daughter doesn't believe I will ever do anything about my hair! She nearly fainted when I told her I had booked a hair cut. 

I have spent hours reading hair blogs to see what I need to be doing to get my hair into healthy condition and I have established wearing my hair up when sleeping was probably responsible for my split ends having split ends - gross I know.

I have employed the 'seek and destroy' method of removing the offensive damaged hair and have spent hours and hours snipping away. I have also brought silk pillow cases and am not sleeping with my hair up. This is the most attention my hair has had for years!

Yuk - who even named split ends?

I thought a black hair magazine would be really useful in finding out what products were good and which were bad. How wrong was I - what I got was traumatised - more on that in another post. However great blogs like Fresh Lengths and Afrobella have lead me to understand my hair needs both moisture and protein. I I think my whole body needs moisture and protein actually but I won't be eating the hair mayonnaise I brought.

I am taking no responsibility for my troubled tresses - how exactly was I supposed to know what I should have been doing to take care of my hair when no one told me? Exactly I don't know either! So now complete strangers are my hair buddies and I am taking all the advice I can get. 

I have to admit all the products are totally confusing - I need an independent hair product adviser! I know mineral oil is bad. But while I continue on my hair journey protein, protein and more protein, and a lot more snipping.