Saturday, 1 March 2014

NutriBullet - a review

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A few weeks ago when I was full of cold and feeling sorry for myself the small boy made me watch a infomercial for NutriBullet. This child is an advertisers dream! Surprisingly the little extractor looked like it could be a serious contender to my bulky juicier that is of course still in a box because there is nowhere in our kitchen to put it. 

A little investigation and the reviews were good, I wasn't happy with the feedback on customer service from NutriBullet themselves so if we were going to shell out £99.00 it would be with a retailer I could return the product to with no hassle. And buy it we did, from Robert Dyas, that is what credit cards were invented for right? And of course buying on my credit card gave me a bit of extra consumer protection should the whole thing explode all over my kitchen. 

A whole three weeks in and I have been enjoying getting raw feed back into my diet, and boy did I need it.  Unlike a juicer the NutriBullet completely breaks down your food, liquefying and mixing it all together. You cut up the fruit and vegetables, pop them in the beaker with some water, or something stronger, I like soya milk, and blend. The results are super thick smoothies. I am really liking that there is no pulp to clean out but I am still getting used to the extra thickness and texture of the smoothies. 

So far my favorite smoothie is a combination of banana, avocado, Greek yogurt and honey.  I have this nearly every day for breakfast and best of all its not to thick. 

Honestly, you go from chunks to smooth in just a couple of minutes.  There is nothing I don't like about the NutriBullet, I am not sure I need all the extra cups it comes with, they are just taking up space in my cupboard but it is useful to have lids that don't leak. I have taken my juices to work with no problems. 

If you fancy a NutriBullet they are around £99.00 I have added a link in my Strange Fruit Loves Amazon Store too. It's an associate store I have been getting round to setting up for ages.  I don't think I will be funding my retirement via to commission I make, but whatever the store makes will be going towards developing Strange Fruit. As they say, every little helps.


  1. IB read reviews saying that the motors can give up. Worth shopping around maybe...

  2. I read that too Duncan which was a bit worrying. But those reviewers didn't say what they had been trying to blend or how long they were blitzing the contents for. I am hoping buying on my credit card will at least give me a years worth of protection should the motor give up. I have my fingers and toes crossed!