Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Lighting up my life at The Good Life Centre

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I made a lamp! 

I took a gifted vintage vase to a 'how to make lamp' course run by The Good Life Centre in Waterloo and turned it into a lamp.  Complete with a on off switch - very important. I have read loads of blogs that say making lamps is easy - it is when you know how and when you know you are doing it safely.

The course at The Good Life Centre lasts for three weeks. Class one was the theory and the difference between two and three core flex - it's those little things that are good to know so you don't give your family the shock of a life time. Week two we drilled holes in the kind of things you might want to make a lamp out of - in my case glass bottles and ceramics. I carefully put a hole in my vintage vase and checked the hole was big enough for the vintage style three core flex. 

In the week between class I ordered a cork stopper and brought some hollow pipe to secure the lamp holder in the top of the vase. And this week in the last class I assembled the lot. Tested it on the amp meter and phew - it worked! 

The lamp is not quite finished - I need to neaten up and stain the cork a little darker I think so it blends better with the dark brown tones of the vase. I also need to find the right lampshade. But yay me - I made a lamp that won't give anyone an electric shock! I have wanted to do this since about 1998 so for me I have achieved something special. 

Being busy all the time means I rarely give myself enough time to do all the creative things I want to do. I have a creative bucket list.  A three week class is just long enough to make something fabulous but short enough not to have too much impact on everything else you need to manage. The course notes are great and the tutors are so much fun. 

The only downside of this class is that I am now coveting a sexy new drill of the cordless variety, ours is about 25 years old and well - a bit vintage and very heavy. I also want insulted screwdrivers, amp meters and wire cutters.  

Hmmm sexy Bosch cordless Li-Ion battery drill
The Goodlife Centre is near Southwark Underground Station and the 'how to make a lamp' course costs around £150.00 and yes I totally recommend it.

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