Saturday, 5 April 2014

Paris: a day trip

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This time last week we were on the Eurostar heading towards Paris. I took advantage of a special offer over Christmas and thought it would be a good idea to take the boy to see the Eiffel Tower. And how lucky were we with the weather? Sping-time in Paris is always a good idea.

Lunch at the Petit Palais was delightful - the food was soo tasty. What is it about a simple quiche and salad in France that makes it taste so lovely? The Petit Palais is our favorite museum in Paris, built for an exhibition it is arrange around a courtyard and beautiful garden which the new cafe overlooks. Other than the Eiffel Tower we wanted to show the boy the little Statue of Liberty which stands in The Seine facing towards New York City.  Little Liberty is located beyond the usual tourist spots but is easily walkable along the river. She stands 72 feet tall, just one-forth of the size of her big sister on Ellis Island, who is a whopping 305ft. This statue is far from being a Parisian landmark but I love it.

The Statue of Liberty stands in the Jardin du Luxembourg which is home to an outdoor gym and a climbing wall. Paris has so many purpose built community activity spots. Everywhere you look along The Seine you see people riding stationery bicycles or enjoying outdoor dance classes. It's a lesson London could learn, it makes for great family time.

Our day trip was such a treat, apart from a totally awful river boat trip. We thought an hour long sight seeing trip would be nice way for the boy to see some landmarks without having to walk even more than he had. We booked onto a Vedettes De Paris 1 hour river boat cruise at the Eiffel Tower, took our seats with our coffee and sat back to relax. Relax we did not. The speakers on the boat were too small to hear any of the commentary. Every child on the cruise was crying, probably to drown out the noise of the shouty adults. I have no idea why people pay to go on a sightseeing trip if all they really want to do it shout at each other. We of course complained but unfortunately there was nothing the manager could do? A bunch of nonsense if you ask me but well - we got a good dose of Parisian rudeness that's for sure!  If you ever plan on taking a sightseeing boat trip in Paris - don't take this one! 

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