Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Who gets excited about scaffold?

Who in their right mind would get excited by scaffold? Well, erm me. This is our scaffold. It took all day to put up and had the scaffolders throwing some interesting moves to get the poles over the fence.

I was worried the scaffolders would be rude oyks but no, they were polite and got on with the job, they even moved my plants off the fire escape for me. 

Random fact: You have to go back to 1913 (just 30 years after our house was built in 1883) for the last major facelift on Buckingham Palace, when it gained its familiar white stone fa├žade. The facelift came because the original soft French stone had decayed due to all the pollution.

Buckingham Palace's last major facelift was in 1913 [GETTY]

Anyway, back to me. I am really liking this orange ladder against the natural colour of the scaffold planks.  I had a little rummage around Pinterest and I am now rethinking our planned colour scheme. Maybe some orange in the bathroom would be cool?

Here's hoping the roofers are as nice as the scaffolders and they do a proper job fixing the rood as there is no way I want to go through these access negotiations again. I have a new grey hair affectionately called 'scaffold'!

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