Tuesday, 30 September 2014

It's been like forever!

It really has been forever since I last put up a blog post! Real life has been traumatic, stressful and just a little bit busy. 

Yep, real life has not offered the perfect combination for thinking beyond the next five minutes let alone writing anything sensible anyone might want to read. One of my lovely Uncles has been critically ill. Thankfully he is now home and on the mend but there were a few weeks when I did nothing much but cry and it really takes a lot for me to cry so you know it was bad.

In between crying we did some decorating. We have sanded the floorboards in our bedroom and fitted out the guest bathroom. We are of course still living in chaos but that's OK. We are living, we are healthy and we have a great family who have proved when the shit hits the fan we pull together, do what needs doing, without complaining I should add, and get on with making things better. Medicine and wonderful healthcare professionals obviously played a major part in my Uncle's recovery but I am convinced that him being loved and totally taken care of gave him the inner comfort he needed to get stronger every day.

If it wasn't so sad seeing my Granny sit and sing to her unconscious son the same way she probably did when he was a little boy it would have been one of the nicest moments I have ever witnessed. I have also realised that to my family I will always be seven years old. Seven! Yep, they all think I am a kid, and need dropping safely to my doorstep at three in the afternoon.  It's a lovely to be loved.

So I am back, I have lots of decorating successes and challenges to share and loads to update you on including finally being able to install some proper lights.

I have realised I have issues when it comes to lighting; I cannot tolerate bare bulbs. I literally turned the bedroom light on and off for about ten minutes when we put this cracker of a basket chandelier up. Excited doesn't come close! Yep, that is where I am, excited about light fittings and of course having my blogging head back.