Thursday, 16 October 2014

Riverford Organic, a veg box review

We have taken the plunge and have started ordering a weekly vegetable box from Riverford Organic and so far I can totally recommend it.

I can't remember if we got a leaflet through the door or an marketing email but we have been thinking about getting back to basics with our fruit and veg for a while so whatever the offer was it came just at the right time. 
Every week for £13.50 we get a box of seasonal organic vegetables dropped off at the house. This week our box was filled with carrots, potatoes, leaks, a cucumber, mushrooms, a cauliflower, a savoy cabbage and a romaine lettuce. 

I thought buying organic would cost us a little bit more on our food bill but actually - by not going to the supermarket and over-buying the box is saving us money as well as time. Plus we quite like not really knowing what we are going to get in the box each week - its just a little bit like Christmas with the added bonus that we are supporting the little guys who are getting a much better deal through Riverford than they are with any supermarket. And do the vegetables taste better than ones from the supermarket? Yep, they are totally yummy and they have dirt on too, you know that stuff from the ground they grow in, yeah that.

Riverford are really building up their customer base at the moment and they have lots of special offers on the website for new customers. This week we got a free fruit box - I have never even seen a green satsuma before so that was a great surprise plus we got a free cookbook - packed full of - surprisingly - vegetable based recipes. 
If you fancy trying getting a box delivered you need to check out if Riverford has a route in your area and give them a call or order via the website. The website also lets you know how much you are saving each month compared to buying the same produce in a supermarket. The vegetable boxes start from £10.35 a week and the deliveries are flexible so you can cancel or amend your box depending on your plans for the week. Best of all for us, you don't need to be home when your box is delivered - if you have somewhere for the driver to stash it. Each week you do need to leave your empty box out as of course they can be re-used, we aren't so good at remembering that bit yet.

Caring is sharing and Riverford are sharing the veggie box love for new customers with this voucher. If you are already a customer make sure you give your code to friends and family giving the delivery option a go. Totally new to Riverford? Here is my code 540434, as you can see I get a little kick back on new customers too - bet you can guess where that money will go - yep the house and I do have my eye on some amazing dining table chairs....

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