Friday, 10 October 2014

What's good in Lisbon?

I am getting excited, we are heading to Lisbon for a few days soon and I literally cannot wait. No emails, a big event with the day job will be over and I can spend time exploring a new city with my boys. It is a real treat to look forward to. I have been pinning like crazy.

I haven't found at much about visiting Lisbon, I have a guide book and have read a few blog posts but there really isn't a lot around in the way of what's on or recent reviews for restaurants. So what must you absolutely see in Lisbon, with a kid in tow?

So far my list of must visit includes.

Casa Pasteis De Belem reportedly they make the best Portuguese custard tarts in the city.

Feira da Larda, Lisbon's flea market in Alfama - like of course we are going here. Never one to miss a vintage shopping opportunity.

The boy is totally thrilled by knowing he can ride the old trams, wheels they never get old when you are seven. 

What to do, where to go, any suggestions? What to pack - we are doing the whole carry on luggage only thing, not scared at all but I must check the carry on restrictions.

All images via Pinterest this time round, when we are back I will post my own which I will be taking on my compact Olympus Pen that I haven't had the chance to really experiment with yet.

Lisbon - have you been?

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