Sunday, 16 November 2014

Update on my My 30 day DIY challenge

On 1 November I set myself a 30 day DIY challenge. The aim was to power through some of the decorating jobs that had become too much like chores to be interesting.

16 days in and I have surprised myself on two counts. One I wasn't sure I would last the challenge and two, the little single jobs are starting to make a difference and just having a record of what has been done puts the vastness of our decorating challenge into perspective. When you think about painting a door frame you think it will take a couple of hours. Then there are the door frames in our house that haven't seen any love for the past 20 years.

One really bad paint job after another means our door frames really do need stripping down but, well, who has the time. My first attempt of painting the door frames was a bit of a disaster.  I had sanded the frames and painted them with a DIY store satinwood we had left over.

I may as well not have bothered as the door frames looked like someone had painted over a hole in the road. Add the bonus of the boy choosing those nights to wake up to pee and putting his little hands on the frames. Anyway, the door frames were horrible and way to shiny. So I sanded them again. 

The DIY store paint looked yuk and was way to shiny.
I filled in the cracks and the gaps and I sanded them again before painting with Dulux Trade Satinwood duly purchased from ScrewFix (I love that place nearly as much as I love Wickes). These are semi trade stores, they are not fancy, they are where you go not to pay over the odds for DIY stuff. 

The result, not 100% perfect but definitely acceptable and worth the extra effort. So instead of one frame taking a couple of hours to paint they are each taking a couple of evenings to pass the acceptable test. I guess that acceptable test is quite high in our house but you know it's true, if a job is worth doing at all it is worth doing properly!

So today, day 16 was fab. The light, pictures and mirror went up. I have worked out that at the speed I am going it is going to take me about nine weeks to finish the whole hallway, but you know what, it's worth it. And I am loving Little Green paint, we chose intelligent eggshell in Furnace Black for the doors and banisters. It's lovely and flat and best of all the paint washes out of brushes with water so no nastiness doing down the drains. 

Having a 30 day challenge is really working for me. I make sure I do my DIY everyday and we are really getting through the jobs. Simply not thinking about the whole task and just what I am doing today is much better for my head space.  I know I 'should' be doing all the preparation in one go and not putting up pictures and stuff until the whole job is finished but that is just too stressful on something that is taking so long. I need my emotional state managed and this is sooo much better and woop only three more landings to go.