Wednesday, 10 December 2014

An actual living room is finally in sight.

I am dreaming of a living room that is stylish and not full of boxes and after Christmas that will actually be a reality.

Currently thinking blues, lots of velvet and vintage gold. In our living room we need to work around our brown sofa, our fake wooden floor and that's about it. If we were flush and time rich the living room would get the wood chip removed and the ceiling replaced but we're not so all that is happening is the room will get a paint job in January. Cheap and cheerful but maybe with a few vintage finds along the way.  Here's a little summary of what my rummage around Pinterest found that looks like what is inside my head. 


Mostly I will be shopping what we already have to pull the living room together but there is some Ebaying and vintage shopping to do.  

I think I am shopping for vintage sky blue curtains to turn into cushions and seat covers.  A pale blue Persian style rug.  I have a Louis XVI style chair in the basement it just needs updating with some black paint me thinks.  I've got a fab three panel mirror, one of the mirrored panels is broken so I paid the princely sum of £1.00 for it. I just need to pop along to the glazier to get that sorted.  I will have to buy some lamps and maybe a side table or two and we definitely need some new blinds - grubby brown is not a good look. 

Overall, now the boxes are finally, FINALLY diminishing I think we will have a proper living room by the end of January, a perfect start to 2015.

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