Thursday, 4 December 2014

Done, a 30 day DIY challenge

November was all about a 30 day DIY challenge to focus our minds and get some jobs completed. I was totally fed up with only seeing things that needed doing and not spaces that were decorated. Apart from five days where a leak, yes, a leak, stopped play (we won't talk about that) we did a little bit of DIY every day and I am so happy with the results. Of course there is still a lot to do, everything took longer than I expected but having a challenge really does focus the brain on getting the big jobs done. 

BEFORE - plaster walls and doors that need sanding and painting after having beading added.

I wanted to get the upper landing walls painted. The three doors on the upper landing painted, along with their frames and the banisters sanded and painted. The boiler cupboard needed a whitewash and a new floor covering and some proper shelves. And then there were the pictures, we have lots of pictures, none had made it safely onto a wall. The little loo as we call it needed a blind making and finally the upper landing needed it's light updating and fitting. So did we do it all? No of course not! But we came close, the only things on my (our) list that didn't get done were making a blind and putting a new floor in the boiler cupboard. If the Husband hadn't tidied away the fabric for the blind, I actually have no idea where it is, I just might have got that task done. 

Ahh black doors.

The challenges were few but major. The biggest pain was painting the frames. The first paint I used was crap (DIY store brand) and even though I sanded down the frames they just looked poop and the paint was much to shiny for my liking. More filling and sanding was the only way forward. Dulux trade satinwood was matt enough for me. Nothing like doing a job twice, but better now eh?

Shiny satinwood paint is not an option in our house.

Matt is where our paint is at.

Paris is always a good idea.
This Paris print was sat in an envelope waiting to be framed. Not a big job but another on the list that I was glad to do. Now it sits on the floor. When I have wallpapered the bedroom wall it will find it's rightful place. Everything is a chain reaction isn't it?

This little picture fell off the tiles a few weeks ago and every time we pushed the flusher it squeaked against the tiles. Again, not a big job but something else that needed doing. I stuck the picture back on the tiles with command strips so nasty holes in the new tiles. 

Back to black.

White walls, black doors, black banisters, pictures on the walls and a rewired vintage light fitted. What do you think of my pictures?  I have imagined these up on the wall for months, another Ebay bargain. The brass handles came via Ebay too.

AFTER - black,black and black.

Black banisters, I actually,love them. We used Wickes grey undercoat and Little Greene Furnace black to paint on the doors and the banisters. Have you been tempted to paint your doors black?  And can we just take a moment to appreciate how the doors have been transformed from nasty flush to smart paneled ones?

By days 29 and 30 I have to admit I was a bit bored of painting so I decided to treat my jewllery to not being in a pile on top of the dresser.  I found this great arrow jewellery holder tutorial from Lemonade Making Mama via Pinterest and it is sooo simple to make. I got the wood from Hobby Craft and the hooks from the pound shop and surprise - I had the paint. The whole thing cost less that £6.00.

Decorating around children, running businesses and putting in the hours at the day job has certainly slowed down the progress in our refurbishment so for me setting a short sharp challenge was a really good way of focusing the brain on getting some work done.  We are lucky to have so much hall to decorate and it is going to take us a few months to get the whole thing done, but breaking such a massive task into manageable chunks is certainly the way forward for us. And it beats giving £7,000 to a decorator. Do you set yourself short challenges to complete big tasks? I think I am going to tackle a double height wall next, I hope it doesn't take a whole 30 days to complete!

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