Monday, 26 January 2015

I am bored of bloggers and their perfect lives

Seriously if I read another post from a blogger who has spent the weekend in some cool cafe with an equally hip creative I might have to pour myself a drink. 

Where have all the real bloggers gone? I totally respect the bloggers I follow getting paid for posts, I embrace their entrepreneurial spirit and love that they get paid to do what they love. However I am so bored of the subtle plugs that are written not to look like adverts but are; didn't we used to call these advertorials?

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This is what I did this weekend; food shopping in Lidl, went to Wilkinsons for cleaning stuff, then went to Asda for the bits I can't get in Lidl. I also did the laundry - which is now in a pile on my bed waiting to be folded, cleaned the limescale off the taps in the bathroom, emptied out four boxes of DVDs and put them in the recently reassembled bureau, took the Kid to his swimming lesson and was pissed off with myself that I forgot to pack my pencil so I couldn't continue writing the story I'm working on. 

Then I bought the Kid a donut from Percy Ingles after swimming and got him a new water bottle. Walked home via the charity shop where I got the big kid an Audrey Hepburn calendar, I hoovered the Kid's room, marked where I wanted the holes to hang a picture, didn't fancy drilling the holes myself. Hoovered up the dust. Had a shower, went to bed.

Not glamorous, not exciting but this is how some real life people spend the weekend. Disclosure I have not been paid by the companies mentioned in the post.