Sunday, 12 April 2015

Mini day adventures: Shoeburyness

I do love Hackney and all that London living brings but sometimes I need to get away from work and decorating and for me that escape comes in the form of a mini day adventure to the Essex coast around Southend. Now I have never watched an episode of TOWIE, I have no idea who any of the 'characters' are, but I expect we are poles apart in what we think is a fun day out. I like deserted and wild beaches, particularly those an hour and a bit from my house.

This Easter to escape the decorating, yep we are back up the ladders, we packed up our sandwiches and pain au chocolate and headed to East Beach in Shoeburyness to see the sea and enjoy the wind in our hair. And boy was it was windy! 

For many years a large part of Shoeburyness was a garrison town. Now, much of the formally MOD site and property have been turned into residential housing. Previously inaccessible and strangely interesting military buildings are part of the conservation area and I was really drawn to this old beach front fort. Got to love concrete when you're an Urbanite!

East Beach done we headed back along the coast road to Southend and thought we'd have an ice cream at Rossi's. After paying for parking we found the ice team shop was closing for the evening so we went for a walk around the pretty Victorian Squares. How lucky were we to stumble across The Bacchus Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge. The coffee was flat and the slices of cake were large. The vibe was so nice in this quirky restaurant that we decided to stay for a light dinner.

Table 17 looks perfect for a simple wedding anniversary dinner don't you think?  We'll be back in Southend soon and I will have to start dropping hints of where I would like to go for our anniversary dinner in October.