Sunday, 17 May 2015

A snapshot of San Francisco

After a week at Stanford Graduate School, more about that in another post, I was able to stay on for a few days which gave me a whole weekend in San Francisco. What to do, so much to see and do but hmm I am out of practice exploring by myself so I opted to mooch about with a sort of plan rather than even try to see everything. 

Would I go back, maybe. Was I prepared for the amount of homelessness, definitely not, and I did a lot of reading before I left.  My highlight was definitely STUFF on Valencia Street; a massive vintage warehouse with multiple traders and oh so cheap but how to get all the lovely treasures home (errm STUFF was closely followed by a little trip to Bed Bath and beyond).  Low point, the hills, yep they actually freaked me out so I stayed where everything was horizontal, not easy in San Francisco!
So here it is a weekend in pictures, in no particular order.

Crossing the other bridge

San Francisco was described to me as Mecca for the homeless

Street art

The Goodwill store on Mission Street is the largest charity shop I have ever been to

Mr Holmes Bakehouse ..... hmmm

Definitely me, if a little blurry

From the Caltrain

They saved the street-cars for ever

A viewfinder with a view

Art innit

City streets

Street Art
STUFF was full of lovely vintage stuff

and finally ... petaled streets

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